This is one of the best clips from Fallon I’ve seen in awhile. 


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This guy is hilarious and inspirational


Voronoi Map of National Parks: the USA divided into regions based on which national park is closest

Source: wouj (reddit)


I was thinking about the Voronoi diagram of state capitals that’s been on here before, and it occurred to me that because national parks are often the destination of road trips, they would be a relatively useful subject for a Voronoi map. Hence, this submission!

One limitation: obviously, national parks are not point locations (there are nine states smaller than Wrangell-St. Elias NP…) For the 59 points on this map, I just used the locations of the national park labels on Google Maps, which are all pretty centrally located. This simplification throws off the “true” boundaries a little.

Edit: Many people are commenting about what does and doesn’t count as a national park. Here is an excellent, detailed map of the whole U.S. park system: My map includes the 59 things explicitly designated “National Park”, which on that map includes anything ending in “NP” or “NP & PRES”. Yes there are many non-“National Park”s that are equally worth visiting, but that’s a job for another map.

And as long as I’m editing this post, three observations that struck me while I was making the map: 1. It’s kind of ironic that Hot Springs “owns” the largest “territory”, since it’s the smallest park (and really doesn’t fit in with the others in other respects - e.g. it’s located in an urban area). 2. I was genuinely shocked to learn that Isle Royale is the least visited national park in the lower 48, since I grew up in Minnesota where people talked about going there a lot! 3. I enjoy how Dry Tortugas, although it’s in Florida, manages to be the closest national park to nowhere in the continental US.

This makes me want to quit my job and work for Chipotle!

This is a great flickr pool to browse when you are bored. Tons of great artwork here.

I completely identify with this…

My favorite quote from this article:

"Keurig 2.0" is expected to launch this fall. French Press and pour-over manufacturers like Chemex have plenty of time to get their thank you notes to Keurig in the mail ahead of time as users are hopefully nudged toward the realization they could be drinking much better coffee anyway.

Holy cow. I want to do stuff like this for my kids!

Long term approach for winning over both consumers and creators. Time will tell if it works out for them…

Wifey and I are headed to the Grand Canyon in about 1 month’s time. Throughout our planning I have fallen in love with our National Parks. This video about the wolves in Yellowstone is a great glimpse into the fascinating stories contained within the park lands.